Drinking Tea In The Office To Avoid Stress

Work (overwork, harassment, bad condition, conflicts, etc.) is one of the main reasons for stress. Stress impacts the physical and mental health of the employee, and therefore harms the company (bad atmosphere, work stoppages, etc.). How to avoid being stressed? Drinking tea would be one of the solutions.

It is advisable to drink tea to avoid stress at work

The stress at work has mental and physical consequences on employees fatigue, disturbed appetite, muscle tension, withdrawal, burnout …

Among the solutions to reduce it: drink tea. Indeed, a study of 42,000 Japanese found that the consumption of at least 4 cups of tea per day helps reduce stress by 20% . In addition, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association , drinking a cup of black tea daily for 6 months lowers blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack . Other studies indicate that drinking tea daily is useful in limiting depressive illnesses , thanks to catechins and theanine.

The tea is an energizing and relaxing drink at once, ideal to start or end the day. In addition, herbal teas also help reduce anxiety: lime blossom (anti irritability), hops (restful sleep), valerian (tranquilizer), lemon balm (regulation of the nervous system) …

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