What Are The Advantages Of Being In A Work Couple?

Even if you appreciate your work, you don’t always have the courage and motivation to get up (especially on Mondays). Who wouldn’t prefer to stay in their cozy nest? Some people go to work in a good mood, thanks to their work couple. Indeed, more and more French people form a “working couple” with one of their colleagues. According to a study by the British CV Library site, 42.2% of working people have or wish to find their “partner”. What is the work couple? What are the advantages ? How do you know if you are in a work relationship?

Origin and definition of the work couple

In the 30s, the term ex wife ( office wife ) was common. It was popularized by Faith Baldwin’s novel The Office Wife and its film adaptation. A minister’s secretary must understand this as well as her husband.

What is a work couple? It is about two colleagues forming a duo of shock. They met in the office, then became accomplices and inseparable. They can count on each other, share their days and support each other. The bonds forged between them are both personal and professional.

Be careful, being in a working relationship does not mean having a romantic relationship with his / her colleague. The relationship is completely friendly and platonic. There is no flirtation, physical attraction, love feelings …

Are you in a work relationship?

According to a study by CV Library , 71.5% of people questioned think that many people are in a work relationship without knowing it! And you, do you have a work spouse or a work husband?

If you are concerned by the majority of the following points, then you are most certainly a work couple:

  • This relationship reminds you of the one you had with your best friend in high school
  • Without this person your days would be less happy
  • You have several private jokes that nobody understands
  • Lunch without her is not possible
  • One look is enough for you to understand each other
  • You know (almost) everything about his personal life
  • When she goes on vacation, you miss her, you are disoriented
  • He is the only person who will dare to tell you things clearly
  • He’s more than a colleague, he’s your ally
  • You are always together on the premises of the company
  • You offer yourself decorative gifts for your offices
  • You confide in this person
  • You offer him his favorite pastry from time to time

Advantages and negative points of the work couple

Employees forming a work couple are more motivated, more productive and more efficient. A study, published in 2015 in Communication Studies, was carried out by doctors in sociology with 269 people in work couples. The results show that thanks to the work couple, stress is really reduced, and well-being improved. Employees are happier because their partner is a source of good advice, moral support and allows them to breathe and laugh during breaks.

Friends are an important part of our life. According to a survey carried out by Opinion Way, 93% of French people indicate that among their work colleagues, some become friends.

A Canadian study carried out by the Sauder School of Business, the fact that an employee is sidelined and ignored by his colleagues can seriously harm his well-being and his health (depression). Exclusion would be a much worse feeling than being scolded by your supervisor.

Moreover, the work couple does not only have advantages. On the one hand, having such a relationship with a colleague can sometimes have an impact on professional choices. It is important not to depend on this person and to accept the fact that one day we can be separated, even if it is not necessarily easy. On the other hand, it can distance you from the rest of your coworkers. Indeed, they can feel excluded by the fusional side of the relationship.